Ultimate List Of Best VST Plugins Ever

Ultimate List Of Best VST Plugins Ever

The Best VST Plugins (Virtual Studio Technology) were created by a German Musical software company named Steinberg.  Best VST plugins are available for download on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Under, VST, there are three types.

VST instruments are those that generate audio and various sounds of hardware synthesizers. Then there are the VST effects that process the audio and are not in charge of producing it. Another type is the VST MIDI effect. These send MIDI data to other VST instruments.

Today there are a variety of plugins available. The internet is practically flooded with them.  Some of them are free, but the quality is not at all good. On the other hand, there are expensive best VST plugins available, and their sound is of the best quality.  However, whatever the best VST plugin may be, they cannot match the sound of the original instrument.

But this need not be the criteria for choosing the best VST plugin as many do not own a musical instrument and so probably do not know its sound so intimately as well. So in the given circumstances, a VST plugin is the best choice.

best VST plugins

And most importantly, as technology is improving day by day, the sound quality can only develop with each passing day. So, if you are wondering what the best VST plugin is now and nowadays you need to continue reading further. Some of the products reviewed and found the best are mentioned below:

List Of Best VST Plugins:

Dexed: This has been modeled after the Yamaha DX7.  It has different knobs and options for customizability. In short, it can be described in three words: Easy, stable and robust. Best of all, it is free.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5:   This can be best described as a playground of sound, rhythms, and synthesis.   It has a vast bank of 57 units to process sound into new zones. Plus there are about 14000 presets to play around with.  Also, it has an Orb interface, which helps in sound morphing and discovery. In short, it is a powerful and extraordinary synthesizer.

MinimogueVA:  This is an excellent emulation of a classic analog synth.   It has 3 overdrive sliders for each oscillator to make a thicker sound.  It also has a fully programmable digital delay.

Native Instruments Komplete 12:  The collection of the best VST plugin is in Komplete.  It has a massive selection of sounds running into thousands, and the standard version has about 220 GB of content. It includes various legacy instruments such as Absynth 5, FM synth, and so on.   It offers guitar amp and effect modeling, delays and reverbs.

There is the Komplete Kontrol software.  This enables you to browse through many sounds.  This is one of the best VST plugin as it is a complete package. So you don’t have to spend money trying to buy individual products.

Native Instruments Massive X: This has the next-generation sound engine and has excellent inbuilt components. Some of its features include dual wavetable sound engine, noise generating, envelope configurations and much more. It is one of the best VST plugin as the interface is entirely different from the rest and is very exciting to use.

Fxpansion CYPHER 2: This best works with the MPE keyboard.   MPE keyboards are useful when it comes to pushing parameters into polyphonically notes.   The CYPHER 2 has 3 oscillators and can be considered a complex synthesizer. The modulation system and the sequencer work in 5 dimensions.   Basically this can be the best VST plugin available.

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4: This product has been around for a long time. The latest version is 5 times the size of the earlier version.  This takes p 250 GB of storage, offers about 8000 instrument presents. That’s not all.
There are GBs of synths, beats, rhythms and other blended sounds.  Plus there is a mixer to blend all layers and articulation with 70 effects. So it is a multipurpose useful and best VST plugin.

Spitfire Labs: They have the most exciting and innovative orchestral libraries with a practical interface.  For instance, they offer the Soft piano, amplified cello Quarter and drums. The Labs series is continually evolving and getting better every time. They can produce one of the best expressive and characterful sound libraries.

Spectrasonics Keyscape: This has one of the most extraordinary collections of electric pianos, organs, and keyboards.  It also offers complete control over the mix of microphones. It has about 36 classic instruments that are very appealing and so many may consider it as one of the best VST plugins to have on nowadays.

Gothic Instruments Dronar Master Edition: The Master Edition features about nine different instruments and the Dronar modulation engine mixes and pulls the different elements together.  It blends all the libraries and makes for some excellent sound discovery. It is safe to say that this is one of the best VST plugins as it is very vast and intense.

Today, a lot of good and best VST plugins are available on the internet. They are very advanced and well thought out too.  The above list is not the final and conclusive. The right VST plugin can be chosen based on what the individual’s needs are, the preferences and the specifications required.

So, not only do the best VST plugins have an immense power to give you the experience of the real instruments, but they also have their unique sounds and tonal explorations.  They are capable of synthesis and also can handle the powerful processors.

There are also different genres of the plugin. So it’s better to examine the reviews of some of the best VST plugins and then decide accordingly. However, make sure that it suits your requirements.

So whether you are a novice music producer or a specialist music producer, the best VST plugins will surely make your job easier and much more fun. So go ahead and make your name in the field of music.

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