Best Pick up lines for friends that actually works

Best Pick up lines for friends that actually works

If you are a person who struggles to start a conversation with women many people think talking to women is like talking to aliens. To some extent this is true. But it is not always the case. If you know what to say, we are pretty sure you can handle it. That is why we are here to help you. After reading this article, you can easily start a conversation with any women and end up becoming her friend. 

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Why you should use Pickup lines?

Pickup lines are the best way to open conversation with strangers. Studies have shown that people judge other people within 10 seconds. This is really a very short period of time. So in order to make it work you have to really take advantage in that short period of time. Pickup lines are short funny lines that make people laugh.

If you make people laugh and make them feel good, then they will remember you. This is because you have triggered the emotions of people. Emotion is that one thing that separates humans from the rest of all species. This is why an emotional connection is important whenever you are interacting with other people.

How pickup lines work?

Pickup lines are simply flattery lines that convey a romantic or sexual interest. They are framed in a way that they will trigger your imagination and interests. But there is an intensity level for every pick up ie. Some lines make people feel good whereas others can end up getting you a slap. So before using any pickup line think whether it will a right to use this line in this scenario. Because people will be different mood throughout the day and you don’t want to throw oil on fire.

Types of Pickup Lines:

There are hundreds of types in Pickup lines. A general pickup line will not work on everytime. That is why types of Pickup lines come into play. If you are meeting a woman at library, you don’t want to say a dirty pickup line. Suppose if you are meeting a woman at a bar, you don’t want to say her a nerdy pickup line. This is where having different types of pickup lines comes to play. 

There are hundreds of types in pickup lines. But you don’t have to remember everything, you can simply get away with 10 pickup lines. The following are some of the best pickup lines that guaranteed to work.

  • Hey, tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anyone else
  • ​You’re like my little toe, because I’m going to bang you on every piece of furniture in my home
  • ​Your shirt has to go, but you can stay
  • ​You’re like Pringles once I pop you, I can’t stop you
  • ​Your so hot I could roast my meat on you, baby.
  • ​If you were a basketball, I’d never shoot. [Why?] Because I’d always miss you.
  • ​Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favourite.
  • Hey girl, am I reconciling with your failures? Because I’m hard right now.
  • ​There’s only one thing I want to change about you. Your last name.
  • ​I don’t really believe in love at first sight, until I saw you.
  • ​Can you touch me? I want to tell my friends I was touched by an Angel.
  • ​Hey boy, are you a Secret Santa present given by a co-worker? Because at this point if it’s wrapped up, I’ll pretend it’s what I wanted.

Final Words:

These are some of the pickup lines that works. Hope you have learnt some lines with these articles. If you plan on using this go ahead.

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