Best Kodi Skins For Leia | Top 12 Kodi Skins

Best Kodi Skins For Leia | Top 12 Kodi Skins

Kodi is a software that is formulated by the Xbox Media Center. It has a wide range of collections in audio and video sources that contain music, movies, sports, live shows, documentaries, etc. Kodi supports Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. If you want to customize the Kodi with the most refreshing views, you can do it with the help of Kodi Skins which is used to make the changes in colors, themes, the position of menus. 

To get an extraordinary look for the Kodi program, use the Kodi Skins which can alter the whole way of accessing Kodi in Android, iOS devices. The Kodi Addons is a third party application that is installed through the Kodi depository for streaming the various sports, movies, etc. 

Kodi skins are used to customize the Kodi look, and the Kodi builds are mixed versions of skins and Addons. Check out the list of 12 best Kodi skins which can be very appealing, which works perfectly for Leia, which is the latest version of Kodi. 

List Of Best Kodi Skins 


Both in terms of performance and look Aura is one among the best Kodi Skins, it is a custom made skin that supports visual tools and widgets. It has a compatible structure and a clear user interface. The animation and rounded edges will give a modern touch to the Kodi. It provides full support for the Leia builds. If you want to opt for a safe and customized skin, Aura is the best choice.

Titan Bingie

This is currently making a massive uproar in the Kodi world. The Netflix user interface has a stunning appearance with fantastic movie information and beautiful artwork. It has a customized home screen, trailer autoplay and pops up a window. If you are interested in exploring the Kodi in the latest way, Titan Bingie is impressive and at the top right now. 

Aeon Nox SiLVO

This has made specific new changes that look neat and modern. With regards to the looks which have a search bar, there are different sub-menus on the home screen. The Aeon Nox has gained the top Kodi skins, and the latest version is perfect. 

Eminence 2 Mod

Eminence was prominent Kodi skin during the initial days when it was developed, but later it was abandoned. The Eminence 2 Modus is somewhat similar to the original one, and its performance is also too good. It truly has great skin and a unique appearance. 


The Embuary is a skin for the Emby users who operate Kodi as a media app. The Kodi with the Embuary skin gives a great choice. Embuary looks sleek with the modern design and Netflix interface. You will get the ratings for each media content. It offers benefits to the on-screen lyrics when playing music on Kodi. 

Kodi skins

Arctic Zephyr 2

This Kodi skin looks beautiful it’s own minimum design. It looks similar to the Aura skin since the developer behind them both are the same. Aura is thick skin which is useful when you possess a robust device when you use the most on the low-end system, Arctic Zephyr 2 is recommended. You will be able to access all the essential features with the latest modern design. 


This is the latest version of Kodi which keeps on updating every year. It has the media types on the home screen, where you can add or lessen the menus. The settings are well arranged and organized cohesively. You can get predictive searches during exploration. Since it is a heavy skin, it would be advisable to install it on the secure device. 


Atlas is also famous during the initial days, it is continually being updated to support the new version of Kodi. The skin is completely transformed, and it looks like the latest one in the top menu bar. In its appearance, it seems like the Amazon Prime Video UI with the slide shows and movies. In case you are hunting for minimalist skin which is different from Aura, you can attempt for Atlas. 


It is simple to use; it had a stable experience that supports the widgets. It works quite well without any lag issues its hang-ups. If you are using Kodi for many years, try confluence. 


Mimic has its loyal user base, which is motivated by different skins like the Arctic Zephyr or Aeon Nox. The home screen is filled with music, movies and other media. You can select to accent color to make it appear gorgeous. If you want to have clean skin, that is lightweight and perform well, and you can go for Mimic. 


This is a Kodi skin that can be customized as per your needs. Since it is lightweight, it can be used on any device. You can get it customized either vertically or horizontally, Amber is free from bloatware and will not include any services. You can choose Amber if you are looking for the skin with Aeon Nox. 


It has all the main features which are lightweight and simple. At the top, you can see the menu which has slideshows like the movies, media content, music, etc. It can accomplish all the basics well if you feel tired with Kodi skin, allow Andromeda to impress you. 

Install the best Kodi skins to support Leia, which is the latest version of Kodi. As per the device capability, you can choose either light or heavy skin. The Kodi skins make the set up look impressive so that you will be moved to select whichever suits your tastes and is appealing to you.

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