Best Hybrid Smartwatches of 2019

Best Hybrid Smartwatches of 2019

A new trend over the past couple years has seen many manufacturers making hybrid smartwatch, which include technology with a traditional watch look. These are the devices that look like an regular watch that you pick up in a jewelry store but with the feature smart tech from your mobile.

Hybrid Smartwatch

We have put together a list of the favorite device, according to their features and ranking. The offer, price, design, and how they work with your phone and much more.

1. Nokia Steel HR

Nokia Steel HR, small hybrid watch that looks fashionable and tracks your heart rate with a comfortable strap for the jog. This brand has very similar designs and the same features. You can see your daily step count and there’s a small screen above the small second dial. You can know your heart rate on the screen along with your step count. Even the notifications such as messages, incoming calls, and events up in your calendar. You can wear it in the shower without getting damaged it.

2. Misfit Phase

This is a top hybrid smartwatch that we recommend you. It offers you a sleek and stylish design paired with some genuinely useful functionality when it is connected with your mobile. The design of this watch is classic and no one will immediately realize that you are wearing a smartwatch. It has an impressive battery life runs up to 6 months with a single battery inside. The fitness features are limited and it has no heart rate tracker or GPS.

3. Withings steel HR sport

This is very similar to the Nokia Steel HR, the designs look similar and there are some important differences. It has a better notification as well as VO2 Max monitor that gives you an overall fitness score that you can improve over time. The battery life is up to a month and it has GPS and heart rate monitoring, It is suitable for fitness activities than other devices on this list

4. Misfit Path

This is one of the most simplistic devices on this list. It tracks some fitness stats and it is much designed to be an elegant timepiece than a flashy smartwatch. You can customize one of the buttons for your phone. This isn’t affordable as some other hybrid smartwatches. Try the trim piece of wristwear that will look good and be a great choice.

5. Nokia Steel

This watch is very similar to the Nokia Steel HR up in our list. There are a few key differences. The touch is very smaller than the Steel HR. It lighter and smaller device on your wrist. It as steps counting and sleep tracking but doesn’t have a heart rate tracker. The difference between the two Nokia is only the price, where the steel is quite cheaper than Nokia steel HR.


The biggest benefit of hybrid smartwatch, rather than a typical smartwatch with a touch display and a battery life you get with a hybrid. The choices are simple and with a hybrid smartwatfh you’ll always get the best of worlds. If you come over with new and best hybrid watches you are free to post it on our comment section.

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