Everyone is different and every person behaves differently because you can't expect people to always be on the same page as you. There will be times when you will get offended, insulted, and even annoyed. With that, we have collected the best gun memes. You can use to show you are feeling. Use them anytime you need to need to get back at someone.

All these things dedicated to being a gun owner-from funny gun memes to pubg gun meme, we are pinning it all. All the memes are funny and informative. 

Below you will find our collection of funny, wise, and humorous gun memes, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

top gun memes

I'm not lazy. Reloading is for Noob.

When dad's princess call him, while she is on her date.

The talk about banning the guns, but i'm just sitting and searching for more.

best gun memes

When a pro player joins you and ask to land on Pochiniki. Definitely a pro player.

When she asked to pick up a hobby, i started the Gun Jigsaw puzzle.

Let's take a moment to talk about the GUN CONTROL.

They talk about banning guns, were i'm just sitting here and getting my collection.

Every girls reaction when they see a lizard or cockroach in their room. LOL :-)


funny gun meme

When i asked him to cover me, he just did this.

Tag your snake squad in pubg.

When you are gun owner, and your reaction when someone breaks your house.

When you are sitting in the next room, and listening to your parents speaking about aborting you, Then hearing a noise of dad's shotgun reloading.

When you din't get any loot and your friend offers you his one gun.

When your friend changes from candy crush to PUBG.

Every girls reaction when they see a lizard or cockroach in their room. LOL :-)

Am i joke to you. Gun is small and Mini Gun is large.


gun ban meme

Apple removes the gun emoji by replacing the squirt gun. Is this a gun ban ?

When they talk about banning guns, but here i'm sitting and collecting more.

Ban People. Because, guns don't kill people, People kill people.

Guess which one is to be banned. One child is holding something that's been banded in america to protect them from danger.

I'd let the government to take this gun from me, if they ban the gun.

There'll be no more gun crime? If you ban guns, right...


Finger discipline is the best gun control.

Real gun control is. Buying one gun but you need two.

Gun quiz. I have 10 guns. Obama wants 8 of my guns, and now how many guns do i have?

Lets take a moment to talk about gun control.

I believe in gun control. If you control your guns, then i'll control mine.

Tag your buddy and ask him/her to buy you this puzzle.


love for gun memes

Tag your friend. For whom you will do like this.

Guns save the peoples life. I bet no one will touch this guy.

Guns are like French Fries, were you can't have just one French Fries.

When my wife asked to pick me a hobby, So here i started my hobby.

When she asked me. She or PUBG. My sudden reply is PUBG.

MP# level of entertainment.

I have my point of view, where you have your's.

My wife told me i have some problem, yes i don't have revolvers with me.

My wife told me to pick up a hobby. I just picked her(GUN JIGSAW PUZZLE)

She said, she was looking for man to marry who takes risk in life. *Me landing on POCHINKI

Every morning, i'm searching for my sock's partner.

Tag your friend and ask him/her to buy this to you for your birthday.

Me thinking of getting CHICKEN DINNER. Where she thinking that i'm thinking of other girl.

Stepping on a LEGO is more worse than getting shot by a bullet.


pro gun memes

Anti-Vaxxers are now refusing to vaccinate their dogs. Where 

Pro players be like. Where should we go now. Get to the safe zone.

Reaction when we shoot an enemy with a single head-shot.

When a random guy joins your squad and asks you to land on Pochiniki. Then definitely he is a PRO player.

Gunshot is my only group theory, where others have group theory as discussion.

When you are sitting in the next room, and listening to your parents speaking about aborting you, Then hearing a noise of dad's shotgun reloading.


Guns are like Chips you can't have just one Chips.

rifle gun meme

Your crush family and you. LOL :-)

Myself when someone touches my food.


teacher gun memes

The response time of 911 is less than the response of AR 15.

Tag your friend to whom you will gift this.

Teachers type based on guns. 

What every shooting game thought me. How to find a good,bad, and Russian guy with their gun.

Which one do you choose in these three.?

Guns are like Potato Fries, were you can't have just one Potato Fries.


cat gun meme

Just don't shoot me with gun, i'll pay for the catnip.

Don't mess with a cat with gun.


Old man with Gun: Think before, you again call me "old man".

Dad's reaction : When her princess is on date and calls him crying.

hand gun meme

Dad's reaction : When dad's princess is on date.

Father of the year award goes to this man.

Society nowadays. Fighting against social problem, using tweet on social media.

My doods reaction, when i didn't keep birthday party.


Browsers based on Gun types.

Which gun do you pick, when you enter a room full of guns.

Guns on Gaming Side.

machine gun memes

I'm not lazy because, reloading is only for Noob.

When gun looks different, why we show our finger like this?

Reloading is only for Noob.

When your wife accuse you for not cleaning anything around your table.


When your friend ask your 8x scope, since he has Kar98 with him. definitely a war begins.

pubg gun meme

My teammates every time when they see a air/flair drop with heavy guns, they just vanish.

how i feel whenever i playing PUBG and FREE FIRE.

Tag a ultra legend in your gang.

5 stages of gun looting the air drop in PUBG.

Kids use Scope, Mens use red spot light, LEGENDS never use any scopes. LOL :-)


pubg memes

My teammate killing count be ike, all bots.

Frying pan in pubg is more stronger than captains sheild.

Every time i open a silver crate. This what happens.

Opponents squad vs my squad. 

Best every air/flare drop with full loaded guns.

My squad vs Enemy squad.

Finding the last enemy in PUBG be like. 

Playing PUBG  Expectation vs Reality.

Whenever i use the door lock, I feel like reloading the Gun.

Raise your hand if this happened to you.

When your friend takes the loot of your kill.

You, her ex, vs the girl you like.

My friends reaction while playing with boys and girls.

Me trying to find the last enemy in PUBG. 

I don't know who you are, but i will find you and kill you once i see.

Every one become snake with gun, when it is the last circle in PUBG. 

Tag your squad and share it with your friends.

Enemy team vs My Team. 

Mr.Bean is the only one who predicted the last circle in PUBG without gun.

Got AWM gun with 8x scope, but got killed with Pan. 

Pochiniki always gets the crow.

Perfect hi-tech weapon in PUBG. LOL ;-)

When you are getting shot from multiple place, but you have no idea from where it comes.

PUBG gamers in school/college test be like.

Tag your teammate who will go to the drop without reviving you.

Me and my squad speaking very hard to others in lobby , finally getting killed after landing.

Vest are all waste, Nokia phone is best.

When you open the door on PUBG and there's a guy standing with a shotgun.

Me waiting for my squad to reviving me after the enemy knockout me.

What girls think boys want and what boys really want.

Me becoming very strong when i see Super Air Drop is on way don't miss it.


Hope you all enjoyed our collection of Gun Memes!

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