Best Audio Interface For Music Production

Best Audio Interface For Music Production

Nowadays everyone is looking for Best Audio Interface 2020 to create their own music. Technology has made its influence felt in the field of music. For instance, in the olden days, music mainly consisted of playing on the various musical instruments, accompanied by vocals.  It was considered an important tool for a few talented artists.  

Not all could jump into this field. Today, however, the situation has changed completely. Thanks to technology, anyone with a little bit of talent and a flair for music, can try to produce music. The support, exposure, and advertisement are all provided at no extra cost, thanks to technology once again.

So what are some of the gifts that technology has given to music? One such invention is in the field of music production that is Audio Interface.  What exactly is this audio interface and what is it capable of?

An audio interface is a hardware box that helps to connect the computer with others such as microphones, instruments, etc. and gives out an output of other signals. If you are looking for better sound quality, then the audio interface is a must. This is required by those who are into audio recordings based on computers.

Also, the audio interface is required for recording music such as voice-overs, sound design, video post-production, podcasts and so on. They are mostly required by music producers, DJs, and other musicians. Actually, the basic use of the Audio interface is to connect the computer to the monitor speakers. In short, to explain in layman terms, the audio interface is like a sound card that is on steroids.  

List Of Best Audio Interface

Audient iD4:

It makes to the top of the list not only because of its features but also because of its price. It’s the best value for money.  This audio interface enables mics and instruments to the plugin as it’s a 2-in/2-0ut USB device. The output of sound is of the best quality. The best of all is that there is a main output for speakers and a dual output for headphones.

Audient iD4 best audio interface 2020

Another feature is that comes with phantom power so that condenser mics can be used. In addition, an instrument-level DI is provided for plugging in the guitar or bass. It makes the audio interface compatible with the iPhone/iPad because of Apple’s Camera Connection kit and that it is powered via USB.

Mackie Onyx Producer 2.2:

This audio interface is definitely built to last and has high audio quality. The robust metal case, compact workhorse device, with DAW-Tracktion T7 all included making it as a Best Audio Interface of 2020.

Mackie Onyx Producer 2.2

The MIDI connectors are very conveniently placed, and also the ¼ inch jacks for the monitor are kept at the back.

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4: 

This is the third-generation version of Focusrite. It is a USB-C interface which means that there is provision for the double number of inputs and outputs. So if there is a need for more I/O, then this audio interface is the right one. It offers plenty of connectivity.

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4

This audio interface has been recently upgraded with the latest preamp emulation option. The software app also is able to handle low latency monitoring. The attractive feature is the Air option. This tilts the frequency response and therefore is great for controlling undesirable proximity and so on.

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2: 

This undoubtedly is the super compact and slick 2×2 audio interface for 2020. It is very stylishly designed and has a good five-part input meeting. The Panel has a hardware monitoring balance knob, headphone output with independent control and so on.

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2

Another striking feature is that connections are on space-saving combi XLRs. There are individual selector switches for choosing between line and instrument. The software provided with this audio interface is great and the performance is as slick as it looks.

UAD Apollo Twin Mkll: 

This is by Universal Audio and can be definitely considered as the top-end model when it comes to the Audio interface. It has excellent DSP powered plugins and also has a 2-in/6-out audio interface. Even though it is still in desktop format 2-in/6-out interface, it is the audio interface because it can connect to a PC or Mac via a Thunderbolt.

UAD Apollo Twin Mkll - best audio interface 2020

This audio interface needs a mention on this page because of its great hardware and software. It is fully built to transform a project studio or a home into a professional high-quality studio. That in itself is a good testimony of its usefulness.

Wrapping Up

Now, as with any electronic products, once it is successful, there are newer and newer and better-updated versions available in the market.  So does it all matter as to which audio interface is the best? Yes. Of course, it does. There are a lot of technical terms involved.

For instance, the audio interface should have good preamps, analog to digital converters, and then digital to analog converter and so on.  So if you are looking for the best audio interface today and for future use, then it is good to review some of those available in the market now.

It is good to review some of the features before deciding on which one to buy. For instance, the number and type of inputs and outputs needed, phantom power options, MIDI/O and so on. However, most importantly it should have iOS compatibility, which is especially needed in the year 2020.

Also, a suitable audio interface should have good upgradeable software and hardware of high caliber. This will enable you, the budding & talented music producer to reach new heights in music production. Not only that whatever amount of money spent on the audio interface will surely be recovered in a short time.  

So overall, an audio interface can be considered a good investment in the long run, especially if you are into music production and want to take your interests higher. So choose the best audio interface of 2020 and go ahead and produce great music.

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