Best Free Beat Making Software For Windows/PC

Best Free Beat Making Software For Windows/PC

Do you know what are the Best Free Beat Making Software? Earlier days, music used to be composed by experienced musicians. Today, however, music can be created by everyone. We should thanks to technology. Not just that, music has evolved into many genres too to appeal to a broader audience. Composing music has become a passion, especially among teenagers.

The latest fad to catch everyone’s attention is Beat music. What is this fad all about? What is beat music? Beat music means taking some already existing music and changing it slightly or manipulating it to add some new beats. It can also mean composing full music which includes various instruments such as drums, keyboards and other different sounds.

In other words, beat music is making beats or producing music on numerous musical instruments without any accompanying vocals. So if you want to try your hand at beat making, then there are various apps that have flooded the internet world. These can be downloaded into handheld devices or computers and ready to use immediately.

The best part is that they do not need any prior training before using them. Some of the best free beat making software available today are:

Best Free Beat Making Software

FL Studio: 

The best free beat making software for Windows PC is FL Studio. It has some great tools and features. You can use it to create and record music at various stages. Plus it can even mimic multiple sounds in music, thereby taking it to a different level.

This software can run on Windows, thus making it readily accessible to all. It has been used by lots of people worldwide which in itself is a good testimony of its usefulness.


This is a very advanced software when it comes to beat making. However, the features are effortless and easy to use. Plus the process of exporting the music files is also very simplified.


This software is very similar to the Ordrumbox software. This software does not require any professional knowledge to use it. Instead, the user interface is simple and very intuitive. This software helps in creating music in no time. Another feature is, of course, the music files can be saved or converted into multiple formats.


This best free beat making software is very user-friendly as it has a straightforward interface. For beginners, this software is the best as it starts with the basics of music. Also with just a few strokes of the keyboard, beautiful and soothing music can be created in no time.

The plus point of this software is that there is a format changing tool. This process enables the music file to change into Wav, OGG, and Flac and so on. Also, recording and editing in between are possible in this software. 


This one is also one of the best free beat making software which is specially designed for Windows and also best suited for those who are taking their initial steps into music. This software has many inbuilt tools and the best part is that it has an inbuilt tutorial.

So for beginners, this software is best suited as they can be fully trained and equipped at the same time. Features to adjust the bass, volume, noise levels, etc. are provided. Many professional music players use this software happily.


Another best free beat making software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The best feature of this unique app is that it has provided samples of music that were created using this app.

From this, the user can get ideas and be inspired. Not just that, the user is also permitted to use the sample music files and make the necessary changes and create his music. Once done, it can be saved in different formats.

best free beat making software


Initially, this free beat making software was especially for MAC users. However, it is now available for use on Windows as well. Just like in other beat making software, this software also enables the music files to be saved in different formats. It’s a must-have tool if you are a music lover.


This software app is excellent for Windows. This app too has sample tracks that can be used as a guide. The presets are available which can be edited as per the tastes and style of the user. There are much variety of instruments provided in this software.


Another software worth mentioning is the HammerHead Rhythm Station. This software is specially designed for Windows. So it will have some great features. For instance, this also has sample tunes, and the music files created can be exported into different formats.


A unique point or feature of this beat making software, unlike the others, discussed so far is that this software has music sheets. The use of music sheets is simplified into just some clicks and moves and is as simple as editing a document. 

There is a help menu so that first-time users can get trained by it. Best of all is that this software is free for Windows. However, for those who want to improve their beat making skills and take it a notch further than a Pro version is also available at a price. 

Wrapping Up:

As an end note, in this modern age, creating music has become very simple and easy. So give wings to your talent and using this software, create some fantastic music and become a star or sensation in no time. There is no need to worry about finances. 

As long as you have a Windows operated device, these beat making software can be downloaded freely and installed. Earlier, buying a musical instrument was a costly affair. But all that is past now.

So whatever your interests in music are, that is classical or modern, let nothing stop you from creating your music. Today there are many takers in the Entertainment field who are willing to capitalize on your talents. So go ahead and make the beat.

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