Best Beat Making Apps For Iphone

Best Beat Making Apps For Iphone

Do you know what is the beat making apps for iPhone? Music is ever-changing and ever-evolving. The technology has made its presence felt even in the field of music. There are various apps that can be loaded onto any handheld device. Nowadays many of them are showing their interest in Beatboxing. 


Beatboxing is sound or music which made through one’s mouth, tongue, lips, and voice. So good vocal cords are needed for it. All are synchronized beautifully and are made in such a way to mimic drums. It can also be called an imitation of turntablism. It involves a great sense of rhythm and timing. This may sound a little difficult and tricky. However, help is ready at hand in the form of technology. Yes, from simple music-making apps to highly professional ones, there are apps to suit everyone’s taste and style of music. In fact, today there are various apps for beat making as well.


There are many apps such as Incredibox, Beatbox and so on. These apps help to create your own style of music along with a musical crew for support. The option to choose from various musical styles is also available. These apps help in various ways such as getting the right mix of music, animation and even graphics. 

Altogether, like a complete package, it helps make music entertaining. These apps are very simple to use and absolutely great as it helps the person to be more creative and try out new sounds and record them. Another plus point of the Beat Boxing App is that they help to connect with other passionate beatboxers thereby promoting beatboxing music and also aids in their learning experience.

So in situations like this, it makes sense to get a good app. So if you are already an owner of an iPhone, then it is obvious you want only the best beat making app for your iPhone.


iPhone is known to be of top quality. So the beat making apps for iPhone should also be of top quality. There are many apps in this category. However, only the best in their range are discussed here. Some of them are: 


This app has made it to the top because of its great features. For instance, it has the same pad, bank, pattern as the original. It also has a smart play keyboard. Another feature is a dedicated microphone by means of which you can add your own personal vocals. 

beat making apps for iphone

This software is a perfect imitation of the native instruments. It has a vast sound library so that you are fully equipped for producing any style.


The eye-catching feature of this beat making apps for iPhone is that it has intuitive controls that help to shift easily from velocity, FX and pitch. So it does not have the normal set up of drum pads and keys.


Additionally, it has as notepad which is especially helpful for those who need to make brief notes or sketches immediately. The best part is that it is a free app and can be easily downloaded from iTunes.


This is another app that can be basically called as a multitasking app. As it does multitask recording, MIDI editing has various instruments that can automate melodies and much more. GarageBand

That’s not all, the effects section has been updated so that Eq, Overdrive, Chorus, etc. can be added to the music track. In fact, this app help to add at least 4 effects to a track. It’s great for making music fast and quick before the thoughts run out.


Another great app for beat making on the iPhone. It’s a simple app with a song sequencer, 20 effect types, mixer, etc. It boasts of a great collection of tools. It looks very simple but definitely worthwhile to have this app. 


Its simplistic design, in fact, it looks as if it is inspired by synthesizers/samplers rigs. This makes it the beat making apps for iPhone devices. 


For users of MPC, this iMPC app is like nostalgia. This app definitely reminds one of the classic MPC 2000 series. Some of its distinct features are built-in sampling, loop slicing, and time stretching and so on. It has onboard effects as well. In addition, there is InterApp Audio mode. As the name suggests, this allows for the recording of other Apps such as GarageBand from the iMPC app. 

beat making apps for iphone

This apps also is very user-friendly and can be exported from iPad to computer and so on. So for those MPC lovers, this iMPC app is definitely for you. For some statistics related info, it has about 1200 samples, 80 editable sequences, and 50 editable programs. All this and much more in a simple drag and drop program.


This is one very attractive app. It has a classic design with the 26 pad layout, 8 banks, and loop slicer to name a few. It also has a built-in drum machine, keyboard sampler, and many on-board effects. One great feature is that in order to save processing power, it records multiple audio tracks all at the same time. 

beat making apps for iphone

Another feature worth mentioning is the Wave editor. This helps in crisp and precise editing of samples and cues. This app is very user-friendly and a great tool. In fact, reviews state that it has unmatched efficiency and is like a single production studio.

Wrapping Up:

So if you are one of that distinct iPhone user who plans to use his iPhone to beat making, then you will be spoilt for choices. These are just a few of the best beat making apps for the iPhone.

So go ahead and create great beats in a matter of minutes using your iPhone and become a music sensation in no time. So download one of the above-mentioned apps and get inspired to compose some wonderful beats.

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