THE YIPPIE! MUSEUM's mission is to support activism and political/social awareness in its contemporary expression as well as be a dramatic influence in the historic evaluation of the Youth International Party by producing and distributing Yippie publications, exhibitions and artifacts. Our commitment is to creative partnership in our community.


Civic engagement
THE YIPPIE! MUSEUM is devoted to standing up to national and international abuses of human rights, asserting representational rights, disseminating information to the public and celebrating individual expression as desired.

Cross-Community Integration
THE YIPPIE! MUSEUM brings together and maintains relationships with Cures Not Wars!, Water Not Weapons, The National AIDS Brigade, The Million Marijuana March, the harm reduction community, the Ibogaine movement, Citizens For Action, Million Marijuana March and Bleecker Publishing. Our people are dynamic: Atheists, Bwitists, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Tainos, Taoists and more.

THE YIPPIE MUSEUM promotes the skills and attitudes necessary to the success of team-based work and encourages activists and propagandists to explore the relationships of power and authority that are inherent in collaborations of all sorts.

BELOW: The Yippie Response to Mayor Daley after the riots in 1968 *this was televised!



Yippie! historical artifacts are being gathered right now for a permanent exhibition.

The Yippie! Museum is accepting donations of artifacts from the 1960's-1980's relating to the Yippies and their actions worldwide.

Until then our walls are subject to exhibitions.


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