9 Bleecker is rich with the heritage of The Yippie Museum Café, Overthrow Publications, The Yipster Times, The National AIDS Brigade, The NYC cannabis “Smoke-In,” and is the birthplace of the national medical marijuana movement. The counter-culture foundation of the place is unique in all New York City.

The location, a charming NoHo neighborhood between the East Village and Greenwich Village, is convenient by many transportation modes.

The space has excellent acoustics. The fully-functioning coffee and tea café can be open or closed for your event or show. We have seating for 40+ persons and have a capacity of 75 on the main floor. A PA system is ready to go. The gallery-style walls may be used by special arrangement. Our basement may also be made available, making for a total capacity of 160.


ABOVE: Danny Vitale plays the Yippie! for OWS Occupalooza. October, 2011. Photo © nytimes.com

BELOW: Governor Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, speaks at the Yippie!

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Long assoicated with such organizations as the newspapers Overthrow, the Yipster Times, the National AIDS Brigade, the US Medical Marijuana movement and Million Marijuana March as well as the Lenny Bruce Academy of Sick Comedy, 9 Bleecker has been a mecca for counter-culturists since the late Sixties. "Yippies" occupied and published from here, and operated the punk club across the street at 10 Bleecker in the 1980's. Many well-known radicals and rabble rousers have associated with “Number Nine.” Read more about the Yippies: yippipedia. See the location's archived website. In 2006 the CUNY Board of Regents recognized The Yippie Museum, to be established on the ground floor, and in 2007 the Yippies opened the Yippie Museum Café there. Since then countless events and performances have occurred at 9 Bleecker. See examples on YouTube.

Before the Yippies took over 9 Bleecker, it was a cigar box label factory, then for some years a warehouse.

Joan describes the building's history:


The ground floor has for many years housed the Yippie Museum Café and Bookstore. It reopened in August 2011, with a new menu and a selection of fine teas and custom coffees and vegan baked goods.

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